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Combining my love of floristry with my passion for art and design. I create anything, from bouquets and imaginative floral displays - to bespoke flower accessories for fashion, events, weddings, film and TV. 

I also create miniature scale flower arrangements and paint tiny custom flower paintings too.

Always with artistic flair, I approach my designs with a painterly aesthetic. Referencing art, fashion, interior and design trends, as well as historic influences.

The work I produce is playful and bright, or wild and loose; staying true to the natural movement of flowers and foliage - both in the fresh and artificial variety.

I get inspiration from so many things - Art, music, fashion, a moment in a film, a particular time in history, or just something that's caught my eye whilst going about my day.

People; as well as flowers, make the world go round. So, Collaborating with other designers, artists and brands is also a magical and unique part of my creative process.