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Combining her love of flowers and nature, with her background in Fine Art - Harriet Parry produces playful pieces. Conceived; on the whole, as works of art.

Harriet works with flowers across various artistic disciplines. Paying close attention to detail, colour, texture and composition; with a touch of the unexpected.

Referencing both contemporary and historical, art, fashion and film, she seamlessly unites these with the world of floral design. This approach is particularly evident in her series of flower interpretations, miniature arrangements and watercolour paintings.

Her floral commissions range from fashion editorials, film, tv, advertisements, events, weddings and exhibitions. Where she works alongside private clients, brands, or in collaboration with other artists.

Harriet’s designs ask people to pause. Study them. To share in the wonder of nature, and to ultimately create; just for a moment, a sense of stillness in this fast-paced world.